Cana Feast

Helping busy Catholic couples deepen their connection with each other and with God.


Cana Feast

Helping busy Catholic couples deepen their connection with each other and with God.


Cana Feast unpacks the riches of Catholic teaching on marriage

And provides practical ways to make that joyful vision a reality in your own life!


What does it mean mean that marriage is a sacrament? How does grace affect your day-to-day lives? How can you recover a sense of joy?


How is intimacy and romance part of God's plan for marriage? What is Natural Family Planning and how can you start? How can you get on the same page with your spouse?


How can you build a rich, faithful, and intentional family life? How can you pass on the faith to your children? How can you do it and still have time for your marriage? 

The Cana Feast Mission

Our mission is to strengthen and encourage couples striving to live the Catholic vocation of marriage

with purpose and intention


We bring couples:

  • More JOY

    We want to encourage, inspire and empower couples to live with more  joy in their marriage. We believe that marriage is the building block of society, and the greatest positive impact we can make in society is to first, live our own marriage and raise our own children in a happy and intentional and faithful home and second, to help other couples do the same.

  • Supportive COMMUNITY

    Cana Feast will be a community of like-minded, faithful, intentional couples who support each other through the struggles, celebrate with each other in the good times, and pray for each other always. 

  • Easy ACCESS

    The kind of teaching and formation offered by Cana Feast is often available in marriage enrichment retreats. Unfortunately, many couples can't attend those retreats because child care can't be arranged, work schedules are difficult, or they aren't available locally. Cana Feast makes this experience accessible in an online format that fits into your every-day life.

About Us

We are Nathan and Sarah Bartel and we've been presenting marriage preparation retreats for engaged couples and enrichment retreats for married couples for over 10 years. We have a passion for helping couples find more joy in their marriage!


But not everyone can go to a weekend-long marriage retreat! Childcare, work or other schedules make it hard. Or maybe there aren't any retreats offered near you. That's why we are making Cana Feast - to bring the best of marriage enrichment straight to you!


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More JOY in your marriage

Our short weekly messages share simple and practical tips to improve your marriage, spiritual insights to deepen your faith, and personal stories to inspire you. 


(Also, we sometimes think we're kinda funny.)


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